Hope Community Development College

P.O. Box 80155

Maselema, Blantyre 8

Phone: 0888539723/0992962132

Email: wezim34@gmail.com


Dates: 6th June to 17th June 2022

Venue: Lilongwe LEA Primary School, Behind SIMAMA Hotel

Fees: Mk50, 000

Registration: Mk3, 000

Time: 08:00am to 04:00 pm (Monday through Friday)

To register call/WhatsApp 0888539723/0992962132

The training covers the following:

Child Development
1. What is early Childhood Development
2. Factors affecting how children develop and learn
3. Developmental domains
4. Physical development
5. Social and Emotional development
6. Helping children control their emotions
7. Cognitive development
8. Language, Literacy and Communication

Play and Early Learning materials and group
1. The value of play
2. Types of materials
3. Developing materials for the CBCC
4. Caring and Maintenance of materials
5. Maintaining records of the materials

Learning through play
1. Play areas that promote development
2. Art area
3. Imaginative area
4. Blocks and Building area
5. Reading area
6. Learning and Manipulative area
7. Nature corner
8. Music area
9. Outdoor area
10. Group times

Planning and organizing the learning environment
1. Organizing indoor and outdoor spaces
2. Managing multi-age groups
3. Daily programme
5. Reflective practices
6. Planning using themes
7. Activity planning
8. Observing and recording


  1. Word formation
  2. Sounds
  3. Blending

Inclusive Education

  1. Sign Language
  2. Working children with learning disabilities
  3. Working children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

This is the government syllabus and we are using Early Childhood Development manuals from Ministry of gender, Community Development, Children and Women development

The trainers for this training, were trained by the Ministry of Gender, Children, Women and Social welfare

Attendance certificates will be provided by the end of the training.

The training will equip caregivers with skills on how they work with Children and also people who would want to work with NGOs dealing with children.