Lilongwe Vocational Training Centre

July-December Intake, 2022

Location: Off Paul Kagame road, between Riverside Hotel and Malawi Assemblies of God University (MAGU) Lilongwe Vocational Training Centre is under MACOHA and offers training in vocational and commercial courses to youth with /without disabilities to prepare them for self/open employment.

Application are invited for parallel programs in the following courses which will commerce on 11th, July 2022 (Registration ends 5th, July, 2022).


  1. Diploma in Computing and Information Systems (MK120,000.00)
  2. Diploma in Human Resource Management (MK100,000.00)
  3. Diploma in Financial Accounting (MK100,000.00)
  4. Diploma in Business Administration (MK100,000.00)
  5. Diploma in Project Management  (MK120,000.00)
  6. Diploma in Community Development  (MK100,000,00)
  • The above programs Candidate must have MSCE
  1. Certificate in Electronics (TV, Cell Phones, Radio Repair) (MK120,000.00)
  2. Certificate in Tailoring and Fashion Design (Informal) (MK150,000.00)
  3. Certificate in Cosmetology(Informal) (MK150,000.00)
  4. Certificate in Bricklaying (Informal) (MK120,000.00)
  5. Certificate in Computer Packages (SPSS, SAGE, Computer Packages, Graphics and Design and Office Packages (MK50,000.00).
  • The above programs Candidate must have standard 8 and above

Lilongwe Vocational Training Centre-Parallel Program Training, P.O Box 986, Lilongwe, Malawi.

Tel. No: 0999 619 020, 0888 563 707 /0888 118 805 email: macohalvtc@gmail.com