Calls for Application to Host Our Students for Internship Opportunity
June 20, 2024
June 30, 2024

Company: Shape Research and Skills Consultancy

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FROM: Shape Research and Skills Consultancy

TO: Companies/NGOs/ Industries

SUBJECT: *Calls for Application to Host Our Students for Internship Opportunity*


Shape Research and Skills Consultancy, is a registered project research, and Consultancy firm that offers various services including short course trainings in various fields.

We offer our services physically and through online. In terms of physical classes, we have training centres in all cities.

After the training, the participant is awarded a Certificate Of Course Completion.

We are therefore, inviting companies, NGOs, and industries to partner with us to provide unpaid internship opportunities to our students. Our students have undergone rigorous training in various courses, including:

- Project Management
- Project Monitoring and Evaluation
- Organization Management
- Hotel Management
- Disaster and Emergency Management
- Secretarial and Administrative studies
- Testing, Measurement and Evaluation
- Teaching Methods/Strategies
- Presentation/Facilitation Skills
- Research Methods (Quantitative and Qualitative)
- Business Management
- Human Resource Management
- Leadership and Management
- Logistics and Supply Chain Management
- Sales and Marketing
- Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
- Online Tutoring and Teaching
- Community Development
- Early Childhood Development
- Introduction to Computer (software)
- Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
- Data entry and analysis using SPSS & STATA
- Mobile Data Collection Tools (ODK & KOBO)
- Microsoft Office Package (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher & Excel)
- Graphics Designing

*Apply to Host Our Interns:*

We invite organizations to apply to host our interns, gain fresh perspectives, and contribute to the development of skilled professionals.

Interested organizations should submit their applications, indicating:

- Number of interns required.
- Duties and responsibilities of the interns.
- Organization's physical address.
- Organization's name and district where it is located.
- Whether it's a small, medium or large sized organization.
- Number of working days per week and time.


By partnering with us, your organization will benefit from:

- Access to trained and motivated interns
- Enhanced productivity and fresh perspectives
- Opportunity to develop future employees

*Contact Us:*

Submit your application to:


• Closing date for receiving application is on Thursday- 4th July 2024.

• Upon agreement, interns may start working from Monday, 2nd September 2024.

• The intern minimum working duration is 1 month and maximum is 6 months.

Contact person: Mr Shadreck Pearson


Phone number: +265(0) 995 337 000

Let's work together to shape the future of our professionals!!!!!