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December 20, 2023
Lilongwe, Malawi
January 5, 2024

Company: Millennium Challenge Corporation ("MCC")

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About Millennium Challenge Account-Malawi II
The Government of Malawi signed a five-year agreement (“Compact”) with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”) to fund specific programs targeted at reducing poverty and stimulating economic growth. MCC is a U.S. government agency focused on assisting countries dedicated to good governance, economic freedom, and investing in people. An Accountable Entity called the Millennium Challenge Account-Malawi II (“MCA-Malawi II”) has been created and designated by the Government of Malawi to implement the Compact.

Malawi Compact

The Compact consists of three projects, namely:

  1. The Accelerated Growth Corridors Project (AGC) will focus on reducing transport costs in targeted rural
    areas. Under the AGC Project, the Road Corridor Improvement (RCI) Activity will target investment in
    physical upgrades and improvements across different classes of roads within four selected Accelerated
    Growth Corridors (AGCs) to improve rural access by addressing road conditions and reducing transport
    costs. The Policy and Institutional Reform and Capacity Building (PIR) Activity will focus on assisting the
    Government to address policy, legislative, institutional, and funding issues to ensure that road transport in
    AGC areas is well-maintained and managed.
  2. The Increased Land Productivity Project will focus on improving land services, strengthening conditions for
    increased investment in land and better-functioning land markets through two main activities: the Land
    Administration Resourcing and Institutions Activity – which will support development, adoption, and
    implementation of reforms to expand national land-based revenues and address institutional change – and
    the City Council Land-Based Revenue Modernization Activity, which will expand coverage and collection
    of land-based revenues, to increase resources for key services and increase investment in land and finally.
  3. The American Catalyst Facility for Development Project will focus on facilitating U.S. International
    Development Finance Corporation (DFC) investment in Malawi to catalyse increased private investment
    consistent with Compact objectives and increase the scale and impact of the Compact.

Position Objective
The Director, Administration and Finance (DAF) will serve as a critical member of the senior management team of MCA-Malawi II. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the Director of Administration and Finance at the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) is responsible for overseeing all financial and administrative operations, ensuring effective management of financial resources, and maintaining compliance with financial regulations and procedures. This position provides strategic direction to the finance and administration functions, including financial management, budgeting, forecasting, procurement, payroll, Human
Resources, and IT, and plays a crucial role in the successful implementation of MCA’s multimillion-dollar compact. This role demands not only financial acumen but also strong leadership in coordinating various organizational functions and collaborating with stakeholders. The DAF’s responsibilities also include promoting financial integrity and transparency, upholding ethical standards, and contributing significantly to MCA-Malawi II’s strategic goals.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serve as part of the senior management team, alongside the COO and Legal Director, providing expert Financial and Administration advice to the CEO of MCA-Malawi II on strategic matters pertaining to
    compact implementation and risk management.
  • Oversee the implementation of robust financial and accounting systems to enhance financial management,
    control, and reporting.
  • Develop and implement financial policies and procedures to ensure compliance with MCA and MCC’s standards and regulations.
  • Lead the budgeting and forecasting processes, ensuring alignment with program objectives and availability of funds.
  • Provide leadership in the design and operating effectiveness of a system of internal controls over financial management and reporting including change management and oversight.
  • Adapt policies and frameworks to the compact’s statutory and operational requirements and develop systems, allocate budgets and resources that are aligned to these requirements and consistent with the
    MCA Malawi II needs.
  • Manage the preparation of MCA-Malawi II annual Program budget for the entire Compact period, as well
    as detailed budgets on a quarterly basis in coordination with the Fiscal Agent, Project Management Unit(s),
    and any Implementing Entities.
  • Develop quarterly disbursement requests for funding from MCC, in coordination with the Fiscal Agent.
  • Develop, in coordination/collaboration with the Fiscal Agent, a financial management operation manual, known as the Fiscal Accountability Plan (FAP), which outlines all procedures necessary for financial
    management operations, effective internal control system, and designates the officials who have the
    authority to approve obligations, verify receipt of goods and services, and execute payments.
  • Monitor and ensure compliance with all aspects of the FAP and MCC Cost Principles.
  • Deliver on implementation of a cohesive work plan that integrates the different areas of Administration & Finance, with input from Human Resources, Monitoring and Evaluation, Procurement, Finance and Information Technology.
  • Manage procurement processes, ensuring cost-effective use of resources and adherence to MCA’s procurement policies.
  • Monitor expenses against budgets to ensure adequate resources and control of funds.
  • Provide quarterly contract disbursements and other necessary information to the M&E Manager to track
    process milestones for the Compact.
  • Work with the Resettlement Manager to develop and implement methods of payment for persons being
    compensated as a result of economic and physical displacement and land acquisition (resettlement).
  • Prepare a plan to meet audit requirements of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the United States
    Agency for International Development (USAID). Cooperate fully with the auditors to ensure that the
    auditing requirements of the program are satisfied as required by the Compact.
  • Develop, communicate, and implement corrective action plans in connection with all audits conducted on
    behalf of MCC Funds in connection with the Compact.
  • Produce accurate and timely financial reports for internal management and external stakeholders, including MCC and other donors.
  • Provide strategic oversight to HR and IT functions, ensuring effective management and support of staff
    resources and IT infrastructure.
  • Collaborate with other departments and project teams to align financial management and administrative
    support with program objectives.
  • Maintain a culture of integrity, transparency, and accountability across all administrative and financial
  • Perform all other duties as assigned by the CEO to support the organization’s overall success and achievement of its goals.


  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, or related field; Those with accounting certification will have an added advantage, e.g., American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA); Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA); Chartered Institute of
    Management Accountants (CIMA), etc.


  • A minimum of 12 years of experience in a senior financial management role, preferably within an international development organization or similar context.
  • Demonstrated track record in managing the financial aspects of large-scale projects funded by international
  • Strong understanding of international accounting standards and donor financial compliance requirements.
  • Proficiency in utilizing various software and computer applications, particularly SAP, Microsoft Office suite
    including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English, including the ability to convey complex financial concepts clearly and effectively.

How to apply
Applications for this position should be sent to:

Applications should be accompanied by the following documents:
1. Curriculum vitae containing detailed work experience.
2. Cover letter confirming interest and availability.
3. Soft copies of higher education and professional certificates (if available).

The closing date for receiving applications is 5th January 2024. Please note that only applications received through will be considered.

Any applications received through other channels will not be considered. Only shortlisted applicants will be
contacted for interviews.