December 21, 2023
Lilongwe, Malawi
January 5, 2024

Company: Tetra Tech International Inc

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Secondary Education Expansion for Development (SEED) CMC Project




Terms Of Reference-Ground Water Investigation Services for SEED Rural Group 2


1. Introduction

Tetra Tech International Inc, hereinafter referred to as “Tetra Tech” is seeking professional services from survey companies with experience and successful track record in conducting ground water investigations. The surveying company hired by Tetra Tech to perform the ground water investigations shall be referred to as “subcontractor” hereinafter. The ground water investigations will capture the most probable position for borehole drilling at each proposed school site, referred to as the “proposed borehole position”. This work supports the USAID-funded SEED Project.


Site Survey Work includes the following Tasks:

Task 1: Hydro-geophysical Investigation

Prior to award of this work, the Subcontractor must review the details of this SOW and provide a unit rate price and schedule to complete each Task for the sites specified here within. The Subcontractor shall provide the equipment, materials, tools, personnel, and logistical support to complete the ground water investigations at the target site and deliver final products to Tetra Tech in accordance with the scope of work and terms of the agreement. Any work required at the site to clear vegetation to complete the survey is the subcontractor’s responsibility. It is encouraged for the subcontractor to hire local labor from the community to assist with any clearing.


2. Scope of Work

Task 1: Hydro-geophysical Investigation

The Subcontractor shall conduct detailed a hydro-geophysical investigation at various Sites across the country as requested at various times of need with the intent to identify and recommend at least three (3) or six (6) potential borehole location(s) where likelihood of finding reliable water and recommend the expected depth to reach reliable ground water at each potential borehole.

The hydro-geophysical investigation must determine the approximate static groundwater elevation and nature of the geological formation, whether basement rock, aquifer, or other type of conditions in which the groundwater is contained. The subcontractor shall use any recommended ground water investigation equipment that has increased accuracy/precision compared to the vertical electrical sounding (VES) or approved alternative to survey, analyze, and recommend borehole location(s) and anticipated ground water depths within the areas marked in a map or near each proposed site.


Task 2. Field work

The subcontractor shall provide complete hydro-geophysical investigation of potential ground water sources, including but not limited to:

  • Evaluate available hand dug wells and drilled tube wells, particularly well geological profiles, and safe yields.
  • Locate and map additional potential hydro geophysical feasible
  • Conduct hdro-geophysical investigations using the any recommended high precision equipment in addition Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) method at proposed school
  • Locate and identify the proposed three new well locations for the site around or close by to the site if not located directly on the The preferred locations to the site will be guided by Tetra Tech representative.
  • Estimate target depth of drilling, recommend drilling method, drilling bits and type of casing materials.


Task 3. Deliverable

The subcontractor shall submit a report that includes the data collected during the investigation, including the geological characteristics of area surveyed, coordinates of the potential borehole(s) locations, and approximate depth of reliable groundwater for each borehole.


  • Site Location-Co-ordinates will be provided for each site


3. Schedule of Activities

The estimated start date is upon signing the contract will have to be strictly adhered to. The period of performance will be confirmed after the award for each site.


4. BOQ and Payment Terms

The subcontractor shall submit the quote for detailed ground water survey to identify the potential locations for borehole siting. The price for the exercise requested for each site shall be lump sum and include all labor, travel, allowances, equipment, tools, and other costs to complete the field work, office work, and submit final product/deliverable.

The BOQ is developed in a manner to establish unit rates to complete ground water investigation works. The rates established in the BOQ will be applied to the school site.

Payment will be made after the completion of Task for each site and submission of all deliverables in accordance with the scope of work and to the satisfaction of Tetra Tech. The deliverables must be complete, correct, and accurate per the scope of work and submitted on time per the schedule.

Rework due to incomplete survey, missing data, or poor quality will be the responsibility of the subcontractor.


The Subcontractor must submit an invoice for the work(s) completed along with a summary of work completed to Tetra Tech).



5. Required documents:

Submit the following to demonstrate your Expression of Interest:

  1. Company profile with names of Directors
  2. Copies of Company registration certificates
  3. Tax registration certificates
  4. Copies of valid references to demonstrate execution of similar works in the past
  5. Any other documents deemed relevant for this procurement process


6. Contacts: Submit your expression of interest to:

The Operations Manager, Box 30101, Lilongwe 3. ; or Hand delivered to the Operations Manager at Area 43, plot 52, Lilongwe


7. DEADLINE: Friday 5th January 2024.


Note: Those who expressed interest before need not re-apply.



USAID-funded SEED CMC Project

Implemented by Tetra Tech Int’l Inc.

Area 43 / 52, Mphonongo Street, Lilongwe, Malawi