February 24, 2024
Lilongwe, Malawi
March 15, 2024

Company: Bhubesi Pride Foundation (BPF)

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Bhubesi Pride Foundation (BPF) in Pheleni Village, T/A Mtema in Lilongwe, is a local NGO that works through the use of Sports for Development and Supplementary Education, to equip in and out of school young people (10 – 30 years) with skills, knowledge and experience to rise above social, economic and health challenges to fulfil their life potential and uplift themselves and their communities.







UNITE communities through sport and supplementary education

EMPOWER local stakeholders

INSPIRE positive change

BPF Programs

1. Sports for Development (S4D)

Clubs for Development (C4D): Targeting over 1,200 young people (10 – 30 years) annually to participate in BPF rugby and netball clubs. 200 young directly enrolled through player trials and train at BPF Mtema Community Center. 1,000 young people involved through the communities in BPF’s catchment area.

Pass It Back: Partnered with ChildFund Rugby to deliver an integrated S4D program combining rugby/ netball and life skills. Over 2 seasons, 52 (27 female) Coaches delivered 1,100 integrated sport and life skills sessions and 6 competitions to 114 teams and 1,651 players (52% female) in 5 communities in Lilongwe.

2. Supplementary Education

Youth Discuss (Achinyamata Tikambilane): Supporting 918 young people (15 – 25 years) with access to Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR)/ Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) information across 6 Secondary schools, YOFONAT Mtandire Hub and the BPF Mtema Community Center.

Life skills education: Through the C4D program, BPF provides young people with access to career guidance, entrepreneurship, mindset change and related youth orientated information.


Assignment Background

BPF partnered with Youth Forum for National Transformation (YOFONAT) to implement a 2 year youth awareness project “Achinyamata Tikambilane” targeting 700 in and out of school young people aged 15 – 25 years.

The aim of the project is to “increase youth access to Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights information.”

Specific objectives of the project are:

  • Provide access to SRHR/CSE information for youth with and without disabilities
  • Increase youth awareness on relevant SRHR service providers within the project area
  • Provide access to SGBV prevention and response information to youth with and without disabilities.

The project period runs from October 2022 – October 2024, and the project sites are in Lilongwe covering Dzenza Secondary School, Mzumanzi Community Day Secondary School, Jamo Private Secondary School, Mgwangwa Community Day Secondary School, Nkomachi Community Day Secondary School, Pheleni Community Day Secondary School, Mtandire YOFONAT Hub and Bhubesi Pride Foundation Mtema Community Center.

The total project budget for 2 years is MwK 60,000,000.

Scope of the Evaluation

The mid-term evaluation will cover all of the 8 project sites in the period from project start-up in October 2022 to December 2023.

Objective of the assignment

To make an assessment, as systematic and objective as possible, of the “Achinyamata Tikambilane” project, its design, implementation, impact and partnership arrangement.

Specific Objectives of the Evaluation:

  • Impact: Evaluate, using project outcome and output data, the efficiency and effectiveness of the project and the extent to which it delivered short-term or long-term impact.
  • Partnership: Evaluate the strengths and challenges of the partnership modality used by BPF and YOFONAT to implement the project
  • Organisational Development: Document and assess any relevant organisational learning or development that occurred as a result of project implementation and delivery of project outcomes through the partnership.


  • Preparation phase: Secondary data review, briefing with BPF Executive Director and Achinyamata Tikambilane Project Lead, writing an inception report for evaluation stating the sources of information, tools for collection. The methodological proposition of evaluation must allow a mutual understanding between BPF and the consultant, regarding the objectives, scope, time and expected results of the evaluation.
  • Field phase (Lilongwe): Meeting key stakeholders, including local authorities, beneficiaries, YOFONAT staff and other relevant people to the evaluation using individual questionnaires and Focus Group Discussions (FGD).
  • Analysis and debriefing phase: The results and preliminary conclusions will be presented to BPF’s Executive Director.


All deliverables are to be submitted to BPF’s Executive Director in English. Deliverables include:

  • An inception report, to be submitted one week after the beginning of the evaluation, explaining the methodology, work programme and timetable for the evaluation.
  • A draft report
  • A final report to be submitted at the end of the evaluation with a maximum extension of 20 pages excluding annexes. The final evaluation report will be structured as follows:
    • Executive Summary (2 pages max)
    • Introduction (3 pages max)
    • Methodology (5 pages max)
    • Findings and Conclusion (5 pages max)
    • Recommendations (5 pages max)

Evaluation Duration and Schedule of Activities

Schedule of activities TBD but the whole evaluation will have a maximum of 30 days.

Qualifications and Experience Required

  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience conducting youth centered/ SRHR project evaluations.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience of programme formulation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Demonstrated experience conducting quantitative and qualitative project evaluations.
  • Demonstrated experience in youth or community development sector.
  • Experience working with early stage developing NGO’s.  Excellent analytical, writing and communication skills.

Mode of Application

  • A technical proposal showing an understanding of the issues at stake of the study and the Terms of Reference (ToR), methodology and proposed tools.
  • The work plan showing the details for the completion of each of the evaluation phases. The proposed work plan should include time for briefing and debriefing on the mission.
  • Clear breakdown of the financial proposal including all the chargeable taxes.
  • Up to date CV(s)
  • One sample of a similar evaluation previously conducted by the consultant (s).


Proposal Submission

Completed proposals including all the requirements and details specified above should be sent through email to malawihr@bpfafrica.org, by 15 March 2024. The email subject header should be: Achinyamata Tikambilane Mid Term Evaluation.


The Consultant(s) will report to BPF Executive Director.

Bhubesi Pride Foundation reserves the right to close this call before 15 March 2024.

More information about the organization can be accessed here: See and read about the impact the charity is making in Africa - Bhubesi Pride Foundation (bpfafrica.org)